If you open your eyes in a swimming pool, there is a good chance you will end up with burning, red eyes because of the chemicals in the water. The majority of public and private swimming pools are filled with harsh chemicals to help keep them sanitary and safe. Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical. While it is necessary to maintain a bacteria-free pool, you don’t need dangerous chemicals to make that happen. There are chemical-free pools available that remain fresh and clean without the use of chlorine.

In nature, water stays clean due to the eco-system. Ponds, rivers, and lakes are all filled with a variety of marine animals, plants, and microorganisms. Life is able to thrive in these waters because of the job each living thing has. Plants provide high levels of oxygen to the water. Animals help pollinate the plants. A variety of microorganisms feed on bacteria, keeping germs at bay. This system has been working in nature since the dawn of time, and it is now possible to bring the same natural environment to your backyard.

Imagine being able to take a dip in your very own pool that is only filled with fresh water. You wouldn’t have to worry about the harsh chemicals drying out your skin, damaging your hair, or irritating your eyes. Thanks to innovations in science, chemical-free swim ponds are now a reality. These pools stay clean with their very own eco-system. A garden filled with aquatic plants will be planted near the pool. These plants feed off of nutrients found in the water. Microorganisms, such as algae, are also utilized to help keep bacteria at bay. For even more peace of mind, all natural pools have a state-of-the-art filtration system that will keep the water hygienic. Older swimming pools can even be transformed into chemical-free ones.


Swimming in water full of dangerous chemicals is no longer the only option. Pool owners can choose to ditch the bottles of chlorine and opt for a pool that is free of these harsh chemicals. Not only do natural pools look beautiful, but they are easy to maintain. You can transform your pool into an environmentally-friendly outdoor retreat.